Saturday, June 5, 2010

Q: What's cooler than a swim party bbq show???

A: Nothing.

Well, well, well, our "mini-tour" was quickly cut down to a handful of shows. After Milwaukee (where we finished strong with a quick dip in Lake Michigan and a brewery tour at Lakeside Brewery) we just drove home. Columbia, MO show was canceled, but we still play St. Louis tonight at the Wedge around 9/10.... so come out!!!! Caravan from the dale anyone???

And don't forget about the Carbondale show at Lost Cross Tuesday night w/ Follow That Bird, Black Fortys and Drunk Virago. Show has been declared a SWIM PARTY BBQ, so dress your swiminest and come early!!!!! Bring $$ for tourin band!!!! (black fortys first show at LC! wtf?)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Land of Beer

Before leaving Chicago we went to look for van keys which we later found... in the ignition...with the ignition turned to "on," which equals a dead battery. Thankfully we had parked in front of an auto shop, and Ben is a master mechanic... among other things.
Thanks guys!

Mee-lu-wa-kay: the good land. Milwaukee is cool. We like it. We played a cool house show with other cool bands and drank lots and lots and lots of cool beer.

We found an interesting tattoo shop; Alex and Olivia should sue:

And the road sign we all dream of, and would endlessly follow:

The bands at Ground Zero were cool and the people in Milwaukee are nice. Wheeeee!!!! RVIVR (reviver) was super awesome cool and most of us got albums and merch from them. We actually sold MERCH @ Ground Zero (don't worry, no shirts, so there's plenty for you to buy on Tuesday!!)

And we found another Davey--- Jared's doppleganger actually.

The boys jipped me on the zoo yesterday, and now after promising to take me to the Milwaukee zoo, they have said we can't go again. :( sadness. But, we'll go to a brewery.

Unfortunately our Columbus show is canceled!!!! Because we (read: they) didn't get other local bands. St. Louis and Lost Cross are totally on!!!! Tour I -- short and sweet. Tour II -- in the works. See you fuckers soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Burgs, Shootings, and the Zoo

Played Ronny's last night. Met up with some friends for giant, delicious burgers at the "heavy metal burger joint," then went back to Ronny's where there were about 8 cops on the corner. We quickly learned there apparently was a shooting outdoors-- someone waving and firing a gun, and all the patrons of Ronny's ducked to the floor for cover. Not totally unlike the trailer park, just with baggier clothes and more cops. Ronny's was cool. We made a little gas money, and everyone seemed to dig our set. Officially played our first show with Brooks and our first out of town show in one! Marcus snapped some rad shots, which we'll have to upload later, because his camera is like a crazy super awesome one. Stayed at Ben and KRotts and Jimmy Hardcore came by and the Dierks, them, and I all caught up on old school Lost Cross stuff. We fell asleep to a nice thunderstorm-- just like home.

Today is Sultans and the Brookfield (or Lincoln Park? we haven't decided yet) Zoo. Then going to Milwaukee for a BBQ and house show. A bit overcast, about 75 degrees, gonna eat some sweet Mediterranean food and see some rad animals (pretending they aren't in captivity).

I hope we sell shit and make more money tonight.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

heavy daveys

got my jeff the brotherhood album on and feelin twice as kickass because:

...we've got some really cool new songs we're working on: one's about feathers and moccasins.

...we've got some totally awesomely-rad merch for sale (big thanks to jared davey for so much cool art)! now you can buy: stickers, s/t ep, and (soon) t-shirts!

...we've officially inducted two new members: brooks davey (drums), and vincent murphy (bass), both of which are working out super sweetly.

...there's only two crazy weeks til our 5 day "Tour de Burritos & Beer" plus excitin home show with our new line up!!! (see below!)

June 1st - Ronny's w/ The Sour Notes & Bring Your Ray Gun - Chicago, Il
June 2nd - Ground Zero w/ RVIVR (Wa), Eine Klein Chinmuzik & Versus the West - Milwaukee, Wi
June 3rd - somefuckingwhere tba - Milwaukee, Wi (if no show: beer tour and drunken foolery)
June 4th - the Blue Fugue (ytbconfirmed) - Columbia, Mo
June 5th - the Wedge - St. Louis, Mo
June 8th - Lost Cross w/ Follow That Bird (Austin) & tba - Carbondale, Il

check back here for updates, fools!

p.s. lets start a fund which goes to creating t-shirts that say "I heart Daveys!" ?????

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

new cd's

spent the day freaking out about not having the new cds done, but alas, it all came together. mary and i spent three hours burning 100 cds, stamping 100 cd's, and stamping 100 sleeves. all that is needed is the sweet insert, and to put it all together.

see you at pk's, fuckers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

mother cluckin

the new song is shaping up to be so very cool. we have a lot of fun stuff on the table right now, new fancy band pictures, mixing of skihaus recordings, stickers and t-shirts made, adding a bass player, and maybe, hopefully, possibly a (sample) CD release featuring the aforementioned 3 songs to be released April 29th @ pk's. our next show is during the midwest music fest, March 26th with Candeliers (WI), Prizzy Prizzy Please (IN), and Nighty Night.... that whole week should be a riot with multiple shows every night! so as soon as you get back from austin, you can party here with more cool bands! wheeeeee!